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Talent vs. Hard Work

Chandler Pearson, Journalist

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Every good American student has heard the statement: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Motivational posters with this adage, along with other statements of gold, are prominent in almost every school hallway across the country.

Despite the fact that these words of wisdom are plastered everywhere due to the education system’s ploy to motivate teens to do their homework, they are also utilized to promote conformity to the United States’ high regard of work ethic. By observing the American Dream and what message it stands for, one will realize that the Dream itself speaks only of physical efforts in order to achieve personal goals. Throughout time, history has shown that Americans of all different backgrounds know of no other pathway to prosperity than the one paved with blood, sweat, and tears.

In spite of that, there is always the age old question that never seems to fail: does hard work really beat talent?

Think about it. Does the evening news speak of the basketball player that never played after graduation?

Would people like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs have risen to the top of the technology world with only the basic knowledge of a computer?

What about this: what if talent only gets you halfway?

What if “talent doesn’t work hard”?

Being able to dribble a ball might get you on the high school varsity team, but practicing in the gym after hours will get you to the big leagues.

Being able to work a computer might get you a part time job, but working long hours in the office will get you the rest of way as CEO of a booming company.

If reaching one ultimate achievement is how you would define success, it would be insufficient to say that relying on what you have now is enough to get you there. You must work towards where you want to be; Rome was not built in a day!

Talent gives you a head start. Working hard gets you to the finish line.

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Talent vs. Hard Work