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The Paradox of Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Chandler Pearson, Journalist

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From witnessing the events of 2016, it is hard to believe that families across the country will sit down at their dining room tables on November the 24th in order to recognize what they are thankful for. Despite devastating category five hurricanes, growing terrorist threats from Middle Eastern hostiles, and polarizing presidential elections, Americans are expected to reign in their families and their perpetual evening plans to the dinner table for the holiday of overcooked turkey and cold mashed potatoes. However, the real irony of this year’s festivities and ones to come, lie in the following paradox. The celebration of Thanksgiving originates in the spirit of gratitude; yet the very next day, Black Friday chaos commences as participants rush to leave the dinner table and dishes to camp out overnight in pursuit of excessive clearance sales crafted by corporate America.

Does the importance we place on Black Friday today reflect on our country’s society? We spend a whole day confessing that which we value, when we spend the next morning fighting with others over things that we do not have. What good is it that we have a holiday of appreciation preceding a monstrosity of havoc coveting for the lowest price? In fact, retail departments have recently begun to compete amongst themselves over who can push back sales deals to the earliest possible time, transitioning “Black Friday” into its ugly cousin, “Black Thursday”. This sometimes causes Thanksgiving plans to be cut short due to individuals that must vy for bargain deals in lieu of the upcoming Christmas holidays.

In reality, the conditions of today’s economy call for some families to be flexible in the everyday struggle of balancing a household. Despite this, through the increase of deals that have become apparent during this holiday season, it is important for all Americans to remember the value of relationships with those that they surround themselves with in comparison to material goods picked up on a crazy Friday morning.

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The Paradox of Thanksgiving and Black Friday