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LOA Gets a Glimpse of Federal Reserve

Chandler Pearson, Journalist

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On November 18th, Lake Oconee Academy students were visited by Carlos Fuentes, charismatic vice president of Strategy and Architecture at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Fuentes spoke about the background and logistics of the Federal Reserve and the importance it holds on a national and global level, citing that he moved about two trillion dollars on a slow day. He also discussed his rise to his position, the key strengths and characteristics needed for his line of work, and various instances in which he has faced on the job.

In addition, Carlos Fuentes mentioned the opportunities his own children have been able to receive through the importance him and his wife place on education and travel. Fuentes spoke about his desire of continuous learning, proven by his will to go back to school for various degrees. His experience and the one he hopes for his children to achieve opened eyes at LOA for what really is out there in the world and what one can only begin to accomplish with a sound education and mindset.

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LOA Gets a Glimpse of Federal Reserve