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4th Grade Solar System Projects

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Mrs. Moss-Brown teaches a 4th and 5th grade science class at Lake Oconee Academy. This is a “hands-on” class where students get the opportunity to actively participate in their learning. Each week, students also visit and engage in a science lab. Recently in the 4th grade science lab, students used IQ kits to make rovers that would explore any planet of their choice.

As an extension to the lab, Mrs. Moss-Brown assigned a fun solar system project to her 4th grade students. Students had to make a diagram of the solar system including the asteroid belt and comets. Her students worked on this, so they could understand the solar system better. Creativity was a huge part of this solar system project, and the students got to show off their knowledge using a variety of materials. Each student got to present their projects to the class. They explained each planet, how they made it, and what material they used. This was a great opportunity for students to research the solar system, create a project, and present the information in front of the other students.

The students really seemed to enjoy this project, according to Dylan Phenix, a fourth grader at LOA, “All the projects that I have seen have been well done and were very creative.” Dylan also thinks that this is his favorite project by far because he is very interested in the solar system. Mrs. Moss-Brown hopes to do this project all throughout her teaching years because her students loved it and she knows that they truly learned about the Solar System through the completion of the project.

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4th Grade Solar System Projects