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Welcome to High School, Kids

Katie Tran, Journalist

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High School is a fairly new concept for Lake Oconee Academy. With its first graduating class this upcoming May, these older students are ready to ship off to college. So for any new freshmen or concerned high schoolers in general: what does it take to be a successful high school student?

To set things straight, high school is overwhelming. It doesn’t matter how much your teachers or mentors have “prepared” you for this. High school is the real deal. As a student, being aware of reality is essential to your own success.

Every single thing in life worth doing will take time; so, decide what’s worthwhile for you and your time. After answering these questions to yourself, you can have a better idea about your high school career.

Do I want to take these AP or Honors classes?

Am I motivated enough and will I have enough time to do all the work?

Do I want to play sports this season?

Do I want to be in band, musical theater or piano?

Do I want more downtime?

Do I want to hang out with my friends more?

Granted that colleges do look for a great GPA, SAT and ACT score, there are even more advantageous things in students that they seek. A student can be great academically, but an ambitious young teenager who is versatile and dexterous is even better. Life isn’t about quantity, but rather quality. See what’s going on in a club, try out for a sport, or pick up an instrument. Skills like adapting to new environments, reaching out, and fighting through adversity will shape you as a person. This applies to anything from being more active in church, to helping out at home.

Experiences with people and solving problems will make you wiser about choices. You can talk to interviewers, college recruiters, and employers about what you’ve done, learned, and gained. And that, is even better than talking about how you know the quadratic formula.

So, this is not to say you should give up on school if you aren’t the best. It’s to show that there’s more to life than school- you can learn in so many different ways. Strive to be the best student you can be, and try to be the best you you can be. As they say,

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde

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Welcome to High School, Kids