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Fly High. High School

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Fly High. High School

Katie Tran, Journalist

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It’s November, and these first few months at school have just seemed to fly by. Not to mention, some students have actually had the chance to fly. iFLY, an indoor skydiving facility, offers a unique way to experience skydiving, but without all the dangers. The Atlanta location of iFLY coordinated with Mr. Mac of AP Physics to offer a day of flying and fun to some special and lucky students at LOA.

Mr. Mac and AP students before flying and entering the chamber.

AP Physics 1, AP Seminar, and AP Calculus students all traveled to Atlanta on November 1st for an all day field trip. The students departed at 7:45am to arrive at iFLY around 10am. From there, the directors gave a tour of the building. The conference room was set up for LOA kids to learn about the engineering and physics behind iFLY. Many students were able to learn more about flying, terminal velocity, and air resistance- sounds super fun, right? Then, the flyers were paired up to conduct a lab experimenting frontal area and projected terminal velocity.

After the learning part of the trip, the kids were finally ready to fly. Instructors prepped the kids for flight with jumpsuits, goggles, earplugs, and helmets. Individually, students entered the chamber for a minute long session and another minute after everyone had gone once. Students could indefinitely feel the strong fans generating winds; students’ cheeks, hair, and eyes were all befuddled afterwards. And to end the day, the group stopped by Five Guys and Cold Stone for a treat.

Field Trips are a vessel of real world application to educational experiences. The journey and arrival at destinations offer a perspective into other areas of Georgia. Lake Oconee Academy allows students to engage in stimulating trips in order to invest in the students’ educational lives. I think everyone can agree that iFLY is just one of many successful and amusing field trips.

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Fly High. High School