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Confessions of a Stranger Things Binge-Watcher

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Confessions of a Stranger Things Binge-Watcher

Hannah Walker, Journalist

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Many may believe I am exaggerating, but my life changed forever on Monday, November 20, 2017 at 9:56 p.m. It was this fateful day during Thanksgiving break that I decided to finally give in and watch what was being described to me as the greatest show ever created. Before this point, I had been a sceptic: I am not a big fan of scary things and had been informed that this particular show paid homage to Stephen King in a way none before its time had.  In the days leading up to this decision, I had been seeing countless posts about Steve Harrington and his character development over the course of the much-beloved series. I was intrigued by the relationship between this “babysitter” and Nancy Wheeler. I had to find out what happened; my resolve had slowly deteriorated (much like Will and Hopper’s health when they were in the Upside Down; yes I went there) and I finally decided to click play with the feeling of nervous butterflies in my stomach.

This was arguably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love everything about this show: the friendship, the setting, the plot, and the characters. Each of these adds something magical of its own to create an overall other-worldly cinematic experience. For about a total of three days I was a resident of Hawkins, Indiana and this adventure was one-of-a-kind. I had never been a big fan of the 80’s but Stranger Things opened up a whole new generation to me in a way that my dad’s annoying renditions of 80’s classics never had. The combination of Steve’s hair and Nancy’s sweaters really took it over the top.

In all honesty, this show has a little something for everyone. Science, mystery, drama, and comedy are all somehow wrapped up in one amazing gift to humanity known as Stranger Things. If asked about what my favorite thing about this series is I would have to say the changes Steve goes through during this course of time and the relationships he builds with his “children”. It is definitely something to be talking about. His relationship with Dustin is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen. Saying this though took about two hours to decide because there quite honestly is just so much to love.

Since the purpose of this article is to convince readers to view what I now consider to be my favorite TV show I will not include too many spoilers. To conclude my article, I will leave you with this, dear readers: Stranger Things is totally worthy of the hype.

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Confessions of a Stranger Things Binge-Watcher