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Katie Tran, Journalist

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Traditions is quite a concept at Lake Oconee Academy; being a little over 10 years old, this school has grown exponentially and with it many traditions have emerged. From homecoming week to school dances, LOA has the trendiest traditions and old school ones too. In fact, just last year I had created a new tradition. The Talent Show.

The second annual Talent Show is on its way this March. Instead of reading about my experiences as the coordinator, let’s hear what the audience, and some participants had to say about last year’s production.

“As a judge of our first ever talent show, I was blown away by the performances of the contestants. The Talent Show gave students the ability to showcase talents that I never would have guessed that they had. Meanwhile, the money being raised was used to fund the Shoes for Service mission trip that provided podiatric assistance to those in need in the Dominican Republic. Overall, it was a phenomenal and purposeful event that I would recommend to anyone in the community.” Reese Williams was just a freshman when she was given the unique opportunity to be a Talent Show judge. She was a great candidate to observe the show and give feedback about each performance.

Grace Stephens performed Adele’s “Someone like you” while Stu Baker played piano. Here’s what she had to say about being in the first show: “Last year’s Talent Show was such a great experience. It was so fun to get to perform in front of my peer alongside so many other great students!” Grace continues to sing, cheer, and act for the school- and hopefully we’ll see her in the show again this year.

Kendal Clark, now a sophomore, was a freshman when he volunteered for the WE project. “The Talent Show was full of excitement and very fun. I had a great experience watching everyone pull off their great talents and skills,” he explained to me. Kendal continues to run this project along with many students at LOA.

The Talent Show has opened a multitude of doors for the students of Lake Oconee Academy and will continue to as traditions carry on.

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Traditions, Talent