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Murder Mystery

Katie Tran, Journalist

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A recent trend in group activities is Escape the Room. This challenge is taken upon a group of friends who pay to solve a mystery. There’s many locations in Georgia including Athens, Atlanta, and more. Americans have been raving this suspenseful new activity for years now.

In AP Physics, the students have been taking on many trendy projects, including this murder mystery. Ms. Erin’s ELA class is writing a scenario where the players will essentially be in a virtual Escape the Room game. Mr. Mac’s AP Physics kids have played a role in this by making the locks needed for the duration of the game. Clues and some deductive reasoning are used to find out combinations to locks. The physics students made the lock boxes that players will attempt to solve. Each box contains another clue to keep the mystery going and gets the kids closer to the finish line.

Each physics student made a box made of cardboard and any loose material in the workshop. The first day of the project was a research and design day to start up the boxes. All 5 students found a box design they wanted to replicate and started brainstorming right away. Some boxes needed hot glue, tape, cutters, scissors, and popsicle sticks. The safe boxes all varied in design- some were lock-based, others gear-based. A whole lot of cutting was done, and a lot of cardboard was consumed.

Lake Oconee Academy continues its trend of hands-on projects for students. Engineering, art and more subjects are expanding beyond its core classes. Even the physics students had to design the exterior and incorporate engineering principles.

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Murder Mystery