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Tiny Home: Small Steps Forward

Katie Tran, Journalist

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Denim and Diamonds, a huge fundraiser for the LOA Foundation, is just around the corner. At the event, auctions will be held for tiny homes. These homes, by the Engineering Classes of LOA, were built from ground up right here at school.

The engineering classes were divided into groups to construct the projects. Each group had to blueprint a design then propose it to Mr. Mac. After the prints were finalized, they started to build. The frames were a tedious process, but they successfully put them up with countless hours in class. The rest of the structure was established with wood, nails, and hard labor. Cutting, nailing, and sweating, the kids finally completed the skeleton. Each house was then painted- one red, blue, white, and stained. The AP Physics Class was able to help wrap up some of the painting in time for today’s deadline.

Engineering is about applying scientific and mathematical concepts to real life inventions and innovations. Students are able to use their knowledge and obtain a visual outcome of their years of education used in today’s world. This class offered at LOA continues to creates excitement and draw students closer to learning.


Special Thanks to Mr. McElheney and the Engineering Class of 2017-2018

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Tiny Home: Small Steps Forward