Ringing in the New Year

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Ding! Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Lake Oconee Academy! With the new high school being built, students are getting more and more eager for their next chapters. Additionally, this year is bringing the long-awaited taste of independence to many high schoolers.

Take the student parking lot, for example. With bigger upper-class sizes, the amount of student drivers has been “driving up.” Seniors get to park in a paved lot adjacent, but separate to the regular student lot. Many classes this year are new and/or improved: AP Macroeconomics, AP World History, Robotics, and more! In addition, we welcome many new teachers to the upper-schools and coaches to Varsity teams. This year, Titan Time- a period of study hall for all upper-school students- was taken away, and students get the joy of leaving school as early as 2:30pm.

As this exciting school year kicks off, many changes will be made to acomodate the learning environment here at Lake Oconee Academy. And thanks to the committed staff, we can always count on it.