Letter to the Reader

Dear reader, adventurer, dreamer,

In your hands, you’re holding more than words inked onto a page; this is bigger than that. In your hands, you hold dreams. You hold words that we only dared to put on paper, much less speak out loud. You’re holding hearts; you’re holding souls; you’re holding our truth.

The journey to this point has been a long one, but it’s a journey that we as the creators of The Archetype are so thankful that we got to experience and can’t wait to do again. The purpose of The Archetype is more than just exposing our poetry, prose, and art to the community. The purpose of these works is to make you feel, to feel our heart beat in these pages, and to see the world through the eyes of our students and children raised by this community that has shaped us to who we are today.

The Editorial Staff hopes that these astounding works spark that same fire and passion in your soul that burns bright in these students. We hope that these pieces speak to you the way these talented students intended, and we hope that you cherish The Archetype in its entirety because it is truly a work of art.

Thank you for helping us breathe life into our truth, into our heartbeat, into The Archetype: There’s a Spider On The Ceiling.




The Archetype Editorial Staff/ LOA’s Creative Writing Class

Lake Oconee Academy Literary Magazine
Letter to the Reader